‘Deeply disappointed’ but not enough to sack him

Credit: Luke

Jacinda Ardern says she is “deeply disappointed” in Phil Twyford, but obviously not deeply enough to sack him: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she is deeply disappointed in Transport Minister Phil Twyford for making a phone call on a plane after the aircraft doors had shut.

Mr Twyford made a one minute phone call to one of his staff while on a plane preparing for take off from Wellington airport on 17 May, for which he said he apologies unreservedly.

He informed the Prime Minister of this yesterday afternoon.

“My understanding was that he went back, looked at his phone records, realised what he had done and then contacted me,” Ms Ardern told?Morning Report.

The story came to light after National transport spokesperson Judith Collins lodged a written question about the incident. End quote.

He wouldn’t have had those phone records that quickly. That story is rubbish. He knew he was caught dead to rights. He only contacted the prime minister because he was cornered by a smart and accurate Judith Collins.?Quote:

Mr Twyford offered his resignation to Ms Ardern, who?declined his offer but instead stripped him of his Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) portfolio.

“We are required, and indeed have to maintain, a high standard and make sure that we follow the rules.”

She said she cannot determine whether it was obvious to the minister that he had in fact broken the rules until the issue was raised with him.

“He’s broken the rules, he has fully admitted that what he has done was wrong, he has undertaken to make all of the information available to CAA, there is no excuse.”

Ms Collins said the transport minister did the right thing in offering to resign.

Ms Collins was alerted to the incident by someone from the flight, and said Mr Twyford’s actions were a very serious breach of the rules.

She said the public would expect the transport minister to obey the law on an aeroplane.

The incident has been referred to the CAA.?End quote.

Presumably he will also be referred for the new revelations that he ignored seatbelt signs and stood while the plane taxied.

If the minister of transport can’t obey a CAA rule, or won’t obey them, then how can anyone else be expected to obey them. Air New Zealand should also treat the minister the same way they treated our columnist Bob Jones. It is obvious that Twyford was also not listening to the safety briefing as required by CAA regulations too.

Twyford should be sacked from his full role as minister of transport.