Did Tommy’s actions really risk a collapse of the rape gang trial?

Muslim Rape gang headlines

The spin in the mainstream media yesterday is that by reading aloud the names of the defendants Tommy Robinson was in contempt of court and was risking the trial collapsing.

The list that Tommy read was already out in the public domain as it was from a BBC article. In addition, the very same list was publicly available on the court’s own website!

A google search for the case will result in both photos and details of the suspects that have been printed by almost every national newspaper in the UK. So this begs the?question: how were Tommy Robinson’s actions any different to any other reporter reporting on the case of the rape gang?

Why would a single reporter live streaming a publicly available charge sheet that is already published over a wide range of mainstream media outlets as well as on the court’s own website affect a Rape gang court case in any way?

Every other Rape gang case across the UK has been reported on. There has never previously been an incident where a judge has said that newspapers reporting on a Rape gang case has in some way prejudiced the case.

Look at the photo above of Rolf Harris fighting his way through dozens of reporters?when he was going to court on sex charges. None of the above reporters was arrested and no judge commented to the press that the case would collapse because the reporters were there. This example alone shows that Tommy Robinson’s conviction is a complete sham.

No judges complained when the BBC worked alongside the police to get a helicopter above Cliff Richards house when they went to arrest him. Cliff Richards had not even been charged at the time yet not one judge made a fuss.

We need to ask ourselves why the Rape gang cases are shrouded in secrecy when no other cases across the UK are.?Could it be because the establishment does not want the public to know the full extent and horror of what has gone on?

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Could it be because of their culpability? Rape gangs have been able to operate over the past two decades because the authorities were more concerned with being called racists than they were with protecting young British girls.

Tommy has dedicated his life to shining sunlight into areas that the state would prefer left in the dark. Is it an unreasonable jump in logic to assume that they have thrown him in prison in order to silence him with the expectation that he will be murdered in prison by Islamic gangs?

Have you ever heard of another case where someone was arrested, tried, sentenced and transferred to prison all within the space of 3 hours? You wouldn’t have because it has never happened before.

The State tried to cover it up by censoring the mainstream media in the UK. Thanks to the internet, social media and new media sites like Whaleoil, the story has gone global and thousands have come out to protest his arrest and to call Tommy Robinson a political prisoner.

The worldwide outrage appears to have forced them to?lift the restrictions but the arrest has also forced people to wake up and to smell the coffee. The UK is at a crisis point and people are talking about making a stand for free speech and for Tommy Robinson.

Some are calling for a revolution. The only thing that is going to defuse this powderkeg situation is for the State to free Tommy Robinson.

They have already turned him into a Free Speech Martyr but if he is injured or murdered inside prison they will unleash violence and civil unrest on the streets. The powder keg has been there for many years now and the British government have lit the fuse.

Only time will tell if they are going to stamp it out.

Note: This post was based on a comment on the Tommy Robinson Facebook page.