Education plans

A guest post.

It is very clear that the coalition is heavily controlled by old-style unionism. That is partly because the unions paid the bills that got them elected and partly because Labour and the Greens have such a paucity of ideas of their own to implement. After nine years of preparation time they had not bothered to do any serious planning and are now relying on all manner of specially set up committees and enquiries to give them ideas on what to do.

It sounds like democracy in action ? ?let?s ask the people??? until you see that their minds are closed to anything that crosses the unions’ heavy socialist, long-ago-failed thinking.??

Having said that, voters should never give up on an opportunity to influence or make changes. Submissions to select committees, letters to MPs and visits to MPs’ offices still carry weight and should be pursued on any occasion. Not using the democratic process can lead to losing it.

Cynicism is understandable but should not be allowed to dominate, diminishing the use of individual lobbying for change or promoting a viewpoint. Despite the obvious direction this government are pursuing, toadying to their union masters on partnerships schools, labour laws etc, no voter with a different view should throw their hands in the air and give up.

Here is a chance for Whaleoilers to have a say.

If you think partnership schools are worth saving, and if you believe in performance pay and more parental input, even vouchers, have a say. If a hundred or so WO?ers sent in such contributions at very least they would be embarrassed, and at best something useful may be done.

Let?s do it.