Ex-union boss to pick over carcass of partnership schools

After months of unrelenting bullying of partnership schools ‘Hitman’ Hipkins has announced that all charter schools have decided to attempt to join the state system.

This is a sad day for the students and their families since it was the state school system that had failed them.

To add insult to injury the person appointed to oversee the advisory group to replace the Partnership Schools Authorisation Board (that resigned in protest?in March) is an ex-union boss and former NZEI president Bruce Adin.

ACT leader David Seymour has said, ?This shows just how close Labour is to the union movement” and that ?Chris Hipkins, right from the very start of his tenure as Education Minister, has put the teachers’ unions ahead of tamariki.”

Hipkins has said that he?would like to thank the charter school sponsors for their efforts in getting their applications in but Villa Education Trust has hit back saying that?Hipkins needs to acknowledge that he gave them no choice.?Quote:

For the sake of our students/families and staff, we had to apply for another form. There has been the absolute minimum of consultation and he has refused to talk to us at all (or respond to emails) : telling us through the Press to?”close or be closed”.

He then gave us an incredibly tight timeline to apply for a new form (effectively three weeks after the ministry fed back to us) and has now chosen to keep the?axe over our heads?for another three months as he states: Quote:

“I expect to be in a position to make my decisions on all of these applications by the end of July.” End of Hipkin’s quote.

Hipkins, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister have all put it on record that the “transition would be easy” and that all we need to show is that:

  • We will teach the NZ Curriculum.
  • Have registered teachers.
  • Have approximately the same funding as similar State Schools.

If he is keeping their promises why do out students, families and staff have the shadow of the axe for another three months?

How can he demand extraordinary times frames and exert significant duress on tiny Trusts but give himself, with comparatively vast resources, 3 months to possibly be in a position to make a decision. The stress from the way he has done things so far has been more than significant on our, predominantly Maori, Pasifika and low decile families. Has he learned nothing from the Ombudsman’s judgement on the Christchurch processes?

The Prime Minister has previously said she would like to improve the Designated Character School policy. However Hipkins has had the audacity to rule out any amendments to the Bill even when it is only as Select Committee stage and submissions are yet to be heard. End of Villa Education Trust quote.

This is appallingly heartless behaviour from a government whose prime minister said that she would put children at the heart of everything her government does. In essence, Minister of Education Chris?Hipkins has forced charter schools to?walk the plank and might get around to fishing them out of the water?in three months?time.

Credit: Luke