Face of the day

Finance minister Grant Robertson. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Today’s face of the day Finance Minister Grant Robertson has promised that his second budget will be abnormal. Quote:

Grant Robertson’s first Budget will be the last of its kind.

[…] the new Finance Minister is intent on re-inventing the genre after just one gig.

By 2019, he expects Treasury to have the framework in place for a wellbeing Budget ? one which will account for environmental, social and human capitals, as well as the financial numbers.

“Budget 2019 will be different and the style of delivery will be different,” he says. “This one [2018] will look a bit more like the normal ones from recent years.”[…] End of quote.

How abnormal can you be? He is promising that his second budget will not be completely focussed on numbers and economic benefits and instead he will try to distract the public with talk about investing emotional capital into feel-good money pits like climate change and gender equality. If you don’t want an abnormal budget next time around folks you know what you need to do.

-NZ Herald