Face of the day

Todays’ face of the day, Police Minister Stuart Nash has upset Wrongly Wrongson who has described his actions as ” going full Trump”

Question: What did he do to earn the scorn of The Daily Blog’s editor?

Answer: He proposed making it illegal to wear a Comanchero gang patch inside public buildings

Wrongly Wrongson AKA Martyn Bradbury’s heart is bleeding for Australia’s most dangerous gang. Quote:

These ?gang members? are human beings before they are ?gang members? and the second we start thinking otherwise is [redacted] dangerous. I don?t like crime anymore than your next citizen, but what I don?t like a hell of a lot more is a State that gives itself civil liberty eroding powers which make us less safe, not more.

They are human beings.

They are human beings.

They are human beings.

They have the same intrinsic human rights that every human being has, regardless of their action and behaviour. End of quote.