Face of the day

Gloriavale’s leader has died. Quote:

Gloriavale founder and convicted sex pest, Hopeful Christian, has died?after a battle with cancer.

Formally known as Neville Cooper, Christian began the isolated religious sect in 1969.

He served 11 months in prison in 1995 on sexual abuse charges.

Massey University religion expert, Peter Lineham says there are still allegations being investigated involving the elusive leader.

“He was one of the most controversial figures in recent New Zealand history.”

Lineham says the community has intrigued outsiders for decades.

“Part of the Gloriavale story has regularly attracted people who have come by for a look and would love to visit it.” End quote.

The only one who will judge him now is God.

It will be fascinatings to see what happens now at Gloriavale.