Face of the day

Justice Marsen

If Tommy Robinson is beaten up or murdered inside prison during his thirteen months inside, today’s face of the day Justice Marsen is the man who ultimately should be held responsible for his assault and or death.

[…] The Judge was seen laughing at a window as Tommy was arrested. Justice Marson threw Tommy in jail for 13 months, and tried to ban anyone in the UK from talking about it.

Well, we?re going to something revolutionary. We?re not going to remove any articles about Robinson?s arrest and we?re not going to shut up about it. We?re going to break the law to tell the truth.

?In a Time of Universal Deceit ? Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act?
George Orwell

A spokesman for Robinson released a statement on Friday and said: ?There are reporting restrictions, so we have been told we are unable to speak about what went on today.?

?You may have heard about it on social media, and unfortunately confirming anything would be to put Tommy and his work at risk. At the moment all we can say is he will need your support now more than ever.?

The cops said he was ?breaching the peace? by reporting outside the trial in Leeds.

They even tried to grab Robinson?s phone, unaware that the incident was being filmed by Caolan Robertson ? an employee from Robinson?s website ?Tommy Robinson Online.?

Yesterday, Hundreds of supporters stormed Downing Street to protest Robinson?s arrest and jail sentence.

Harry Palmer, Our reporter on the scene said: ?Central London came to a standstill as people sat in the road, buses and everything stopped?