Failings all round: Herald’s catastrophic subediting record

Simon Wilson likes to think he is the smartest bloke on the block.

He’s written an article with the headline: “Failings all round: Auckland’s catastrophic road safety record”.

What it really should say is ‘Failings all round: Herald’s catastrophic subediting record’.

At the bottom of the article is a travesty of errors:

There are incomplete sentences, jumbled sentences, misspellings, lack of spaces between words, complete nonsense and missing bullet points.

Who can tell what the first bullet point even means?

This all looks like a rush job, and a cut and paste from the Labour party propaganda unit.

The problem is that the stats don’t match their rhetoric. Apparently we are suffering endless gridlock yet, amazingly, Simon Wilson is breathlessly telling us we are driving faster.

What the stats do show is that the police focus on speed has been dead wrong. A hundred people in the road toll weren’t wearing seatbelts. Speed didn’t kill them: stupidity did. Alcohol is involved in 70% of crashes causing death and serious injury… not speed. Of the 47% that are speed-related deaths I bet a good proportion of them are also in the alcohol stats.

So, what are the solutions? There are none in Wilson’s appallingly written article.