‘Fake News’ Fisher making shit up again

David Fisher has continued his ongoing harassment of me with an article about Simon Bridges retweeting one of our ‘Fish of the day’ tweets.

He makes two material errors in the article, which just shows how wrong he is: Quote:

National leader Simon Bridges has admitted ‘liking’ a social media post by Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater in which the Prime Minister’s husband was mocked. End quote.

Uhmm, David, stop making shit up. The prime minister isn’t married to the first bloke.??Quote:

But Bridges said he did it by accident and then withdrew the “like” he had placed on Slater’s Twitter account.

He said “too much tweeting maketh a twat”.?End quote.

Gutlessness from Bridges, who should have just said, ‘So bloody what, ‘Fake News’ Fisher?’ Quote:

It comes in the wake of Bridges attempting to distance the National Party from gossip mongering over Clarke Gayford, and just over a week after he told his MPs to have nothing to do with the rumours.

Police commissioner Mike Bush issued a press release last week in which he effectively killed the whispering campaign again Gayford, Jacinda Ardern’s partner.

Ardern described the campaign as “dirty politics”, which drew allusions to the 2014 Dirty Politics book which alleged to show the Prime Minister’s office at the time used Slater and other bloggers to attack opponents on the internet.

Bridges blamed a thumb error for accidentally hitting the “like” button on Slater’s post and that it was done while scrolling through his Twitter feed.

It had the effect of broadcasting Slater’s tweet, in which a photoshopped image of Gayford in a tutu holding a fish was depicted. Slater started running a “Fish of the Day” feature making fun of Gayford immediately after the rumours were dismissed.?End quote.

More lies from ‘Fake News’ Fisher. The original photo is of Clarke Gayford wearing a bra and panties that was not photoshopped. The photoshop was the addition of the fish.

Here is the?original photo:

And here is what Kim Dotcom’s hagiographer is writing about:

Credit: Rr

But here is the real issue, which shows the agenda of ‘Fake News’ Fisher. His article was published at 2:11pm.

He emailed me for comment, four minutes later:

This shows the mendacity of David Fisher, getting a work of fiction up first, then seeking comment. He wonders why I don’t reply to his emails. I consider them harassment, and I don’t speak to proven liars.

Since he is wondering about the first bloke with such concern… too bad. He’s entered the public debate, the media have fed that and he’s a?fair target. Simon Bridges is wrong to say that this case is about targeting families. It isn’t. It is targeting people who enter into political debate. If Clarke Gayford wants to be left alone then I suggest he crawls back under his rock and shuts up. You can’t court the public on one hand and then want to be left alone on the other.

David Fisher and the NZ Herald are continuing their vendetta and helping to build a case of harassment against them. In this instance, it is a classic case of fake news from someone I will now call ‘Fake News’ Fisher.

Credit: Luke