Fake news headline from Te Karere TVNZ

Fake news

screenshot: Whaleoil


As soon as I saw the Te Karere TVNZ headline, ‘Greens and Israel Institute of NZ condemn Trump?s embassy plans’ I was gobsmacked. I couldn’t understand why on earth the Israel Institute of New Zealand would condemn President Trump for moving the American embassy to Israel’s capital city Jerusalem.

I watched the video and I soon saw that what was said by David Cumin was not in any way a condemnation of Trump’s stated intentions. The headline is grossly misleading if you are polite and a blatant lie if you are not. I am sure that President Trump would not hesitate to call it a fake news headline.

Unfortunately I didn’t come across this example of?fake news from Maori television?until yesterday so too much time had passed for me to be able to make a complaint. Complaints have to be made within 20 working days of the broadcast.