First they come for your fizzy drink, then they come for your chocolate

The public health wowsers are like rust?? they never sleep.

Once they win one battle, they take what they have learned and apply it to another industry or product that they decide is at the root of all evil. Chocolate is the next target. Quote:

Taxing chocolate and other sweet foods would be a more effective anti-obesity strategy than?the new ?sugar tax? on fizzy drinks, a new analysis suggests.

A major study by Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, predicts that adding 10 per cent to the price of confectionary, cakes and biscuits could lead to a 7 per cent drop in purchases.? ?

The figures are similar to those for taxing?sugar-sweetened drinks, where previous research suggests a 10 per cent?price rise can reduce purchases by 6 per cent to 8 per cent.

However the latest study, published in BMJ Open, found that taxing sweet snacks could have an additional knock-on effect on the sale of other foods, leading to consumers cutting their buying of soft drinks, biscuits, cakes and savoury snacks as well. End quote.

But it won’t be an either/or situation, just quietly. It will be a ‘Wow, look what we did to fizzy drinks, let’s do it to chocolate.’ Then they will go after chippies and donuts and fast food.

Before you know it we will be eating a brown sludge that is nutritionally sound but disgusting to eat. They will call it Nutriloaf… oh, hang on?!