Golly G is New Zealand’s Sadiq Khan

PHOTO: Golriz was part of the team that defended singer and songwriter Bikindi who was accused and later convicted of inciting genocide.

Green list MP and immigrant from Islamic Iran, Golriz?Ghahraman has a lot in common with the Muslim Mayor of London?Sadiq Khan. Both defended men who were responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of people before they moved into politics.

Khan has promoted an image of himself as a ‘moderate Muslim’ but he is actively using his political power to advance Sharia law in London. Once he obtained power his wife who had previously not worn a hijab started wearing one at all public functions. Currently, he is not focussed on the terror attacks and increased violence in London but is banning ads that show women in bikinis!

Ghahraman’s?words and actions suggest that she is a closet Muslim or at the very least an apologist for Islam. She is strongly anti-Israel and is currently spreading the blood libel that they are undertaking genocide against the Palestinians. She has protested against the GCSB which is our countries first line of defence against terrorism and she?does not want the West to help the people of Iran or Syria. She has even refused to speak out on behalf of Iranian women currently battling for the right to not be forced to wear a hijab. Instead, Golriz declared that she would fight to the death for the right of women in the West to wear a hijab: a right they already have.