Golriz Ghahraman ‘grotesque and irresponsible’ and Marama Davidson is no better

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman should apologise publicly for her gross slander and blood libel of Israel. Her slander is totally unacceptable. The fact that her fellow Hamas hugger and terrorist enabler and supporter Green party co-leader Marama Davidson has done nothing about it, only confirms that the Green Party is now a party of far-left activists.

screenshot: Whaleoil

In a video on a tweet?that I saw on my twitter feed yesterday, Davidson stood alongside Ghahraman and described the deaths of 50 or so violent Hamas soldiers shot by the IDF as “murder” and referred to them as civilians. Ghahraman?described Israel’s defensive?actions as a “massacre of Palestinians.”

Hamas freely admitted publicly that the dead were their operatives so there was no possible way that those dead armed terrorists could have been mistaken by Davidson and Ghahraman for peaceful protestors.

The Hamas charter is to wipe out all the Jews and these two Green party?MPs have publicly come out in defence of violent members of a terror organisation recognised as such by the New Zealand government. The Hamas terrorists who were shot were attacking Israel’s border fence so they could slaughter Israeli civilians on the other side as they had been instructed to do by Hamas leaders. Out of 40,000 protestors, the Israeli army surgically targeted the terrorists hiding amongst them. They should be congratulated for their precision and restraint not condemned by far-left activists like?Davidson and Ghahraman.

The Holocaust?centre of New Zealand has called Ghahraman’s?earlier statement where she called Israel’s actions to defend their border “Genocide”, both “grotesque and irresponsible.” They should also call out her and Davison for their lies that the dead men were innocent civilians who were ‘murdered.’ and that the surgical targeting of the terrorists amongst the thousands of protestors was a “massacre.”

As you can see from the press release above the Holocaust?centre of New Zealand is very upset but they have failed to name Ghahraman and to demand an apology. That must have been an oversight so I am demanding an apology from her on their behalf. Marama Davidson should apologise too for all her lies on the video. Every single thing she and Ghahraman said about the situation was not factual. As the co-leader of the Greens Marama Davidson is a disgrace.

The?Holocaust?centre of New Zealand needs to fight fire with fire and stop being so damn polite. The Green party is a party run by far-left activists now and far-left style tactics like demanding?an apology and naming and shaming are the only tactics that extremists like them will respond to. These two Green MPs have both lied about and slandered Israel. They should not be allowed to get away with it