Green loons

I am an environmentalist and a conservationist. I am also a capitalist, and I see no reason why you cannot be all three. I own a lifestyle block which has three acres of native trees: all rimu and kahikatea, plus a few manuka. Not one tree gets touched. Ever. They are precious and we have enough land to use on the rest of the property. But, in no way can I ever be described as a greenie, because the implication there is that I support the Green party. In reality, I absolutely loathe them and here is why. This from Stuff.?Quote:

A Green Party staffer says Kennedy Graham’s presence at a National Party event proves the former Green MP?was never a good fit for the party.

Graham and fellow MP David Clendon resigned from the party’s list at the 2017 election over the rest of the Greens caucus’?continued support for Metiria Turei, who was under fire over her?admission of benefit fraud.

Graham, a former diplomat and academic, sought to rejoin the party list after Turei eventually resigned, but was rebuffed by the party’s executive.

Jack McDonald, a former candidate, campaigner for co-leader Marama Davidson, and current Parliamentary staffer, wrote a post on an internal Green Party?Facebook group saying Graham’s planned attendance at a BlueGreens conference on Saturday proved excluding him from the list was the right decision.

“Kennedy Graham is speaking at the BlueGreens forum in Canterbury this weekend. … No wonder he sabotaged us and Metiria?[Turei] when it mattered most,” McDonald wrote.

“In the context of Kennedy still apparently having many supporters?in the Party who were upset he wasn’t allowed back on the list, we need to make sure there isn’t the ability for this to happen in the future and prevent the election of Green MPs whose politics are incompatible with fundamental Green kaupapa.”

“We all need to work on bringing together the party and reaching out to those who disagree, but there also needs to be a line in the sand, and for?me, Kennedy represents it.”

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman?”liked” the post. End of quote.

What can you say? Kennedy Graham is a highly respected climate change expert, who graced the Green party with his presence and, in the end, they treated him dreadfully. He did not “sabotage”?Metirea. She committed benefit fraud and was forced to resign when the world found out. It is my opinion that Turei would have been viewed quite differently, and her parliamentary career saved, if she had made some effort to repay the amounts fraudulently obtained, but, needless to say, she didn’t. However, the Green party supported a benefit fraudster over a celebrated and respected climate change expert. That is all you need to know about the current state of the Green party.

Environmentalists like me believe that a true environmental party should be able to work with any government. We believe that the issues that affect the environment should not depend on the political beliefs of those you work with. The environment is too important for that. So, if it is important, how come we had to wait nine years for the Green party to work with a government to actually make some difference to the environment?

I am not talking climate change. Nobody knows the truth about climate change. Nobody knows whether the current rate of warming or lack of it will be devastating or not. I am talking about conservation. And I’m sick to death of virtue signallers using the climate, or the environment, to beat us all with a big stick.

I would love to see Kennedy Graham set up a new Environment party. I believe he is the man to do it. I believe he could gain cross-party support, and that lots of people from both sides of the political divide would give his party their votes.

But that cross-party support will not include the Green party. The Green party have made their feelings about Graham quite clear.

Graham’s Environment party, if he ever creates it, would decimate the Green party’s support base. Large numbers of Green voters are environmentalists. Few are hard left socialists. So, with a true Environment party, working in the centre of politics, the Green party become irrelevant and idiots like Jack McDonald would find himself out of a job. He supports criminal behaviour over the environment. No party in parliament should behave like that.

Environmental issues are rapidly becoming so mainstream that the need for the Green party is eroding anyway. They are becoming irrelevant. They are nothing more than a collection of activists, virtue signallers and vandals. We don’t need people like that championing the environment. We need people who truly want to improve and conserve it. Not those who shout from the rooftops about what they are doing, while achieving nothing at all.

The environment really is far more important than that.