Greenpeace phone chuggers busted

Greenpeace are one of the most dishonest organisations out there. One of their founders even left in disgust.

When they aren’t hassling you at shopping centres with their chuggers, they phone people who signed their petitions to bully them into donating: Quote:

Pushy and unprofessional?telemarketers are turning away some aspiring?philanthropists from?donating with Greenpeace NZ.

Pressuring, guilt tripping?and in some cases withdrawing more money than?originally agreed upon, are some of the criticisms levied against some staff at?the New Zealand branch of the well-known environmental conservation organisation.

On Thursday, one would-be donor was left a voicemail message?which said??come on, give us your money or f??off?.

Another voice in the background, seemingly on another call, yelled??what?s the amount you can donate ??come on mate, don?t be a dick about it?. End quote.

No wonder they lost their charity status. They are a political lobbying organisation and that is shown by the political functionaries who run the joint.

This incident isn’t isolated either. There are several complaints on Greenpeace’s Facebook page showing that this is systemic rather than a one-off affair.

Shaking down people who support petitions and respond to text campaigns seems rather… ahem… oily.

Now that they’ve managed to get oil and gas exploration banned I hope they are going to give up their own fossil-fuel-powered vessels.