Helensville Primary School principal caught telling porkies to the board of trustees

Yesterday we posted a video by Eli Cunliffe, who has been left behind from his school camp.

Today’s post shows you some of the communications between Eli’s parents, Regan and Rachel Cunliffe, and the board of trustees at Helensville Primary School.

First up are some of the emails to understand how Eli got to the point where making a video was a valid option:??

As readers can see, the board was not fully informed of the situation as described to the principal of the school, Deborah Heasman. Fortunately this is easily proved by the recording made of the meeting between Deborah Heasman and Rachel Cunliffe.


The principal has been caught dead to rights misleading the board about the situation. Eli’s mother Rachel could not have been clearer in her conversation with the principal.

The board and the principal have failed Eli on numerous fronts.