Hey Golriz what is your opinion of the planned Monday Massacre?

Genocide Golly AKA Golriz Ghahraman?has lied and has said that Israel is committing genocide?on the Palestinian people. She has defended a man who was found guilty of inciting genocide against the Rwandan people so most people would assume that she was an expert on genocide and would believe her blood libel.

The fact that she knows exactly what genocide is and has defended someone who incited it makes her lies about Israel even more despicable.

Palestinian terror organisation Hamas have planned what is being referred to as a Monday massacre of the Israeli people. This planned massacre was expected to happen yesterday, (the 14th) and is part of the ongoing aggression and attacks on Israel’s border by the Hamas organised and incited Palestinians that Genocide Golly and her Hamas hugging mates describe ironically as ” peaceful protestors.” Quote:

A Palestinian ‘peacefully protests’ by setting tyres on fire while his friend hurls rocks with his catapult towards the Israeli soldiers on the border in the southern Gaza Strip, March 30, 2018.

The IDF issued a stark warning about the culmination of the Hamas terror group?s ?March of Return,? which is arriving a day earlier than planned.

In anticipation of violence and mayhem planned by the Hamas terror group to coincide with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, the IDF projected that the number of Palestinian rioters on Monday could reach 100,000, with hundreds potentially attempting to breach the border fence and attack nearby towns within Israel.

The IDF?s warnings included reference to the potential for an attempted ?massacre? of Israeli civilians, as the Palestinian street prepares for the unbridled rioting that generally accompanies ?Nakba Day? on May 15, which is the Palestinians? version of Israel?s Independence Day, invoking the Arabic word for catastrophe.

Military intelligence indicates, however, that Hamas won?t wait the extra day and will instead push up the violence to May 14 to coincide with Monday?s US Embassy move in an attempt to attract more international attention.[…]

In the video below, the IDF Spokesperson?s Unit warns that Hamas seeks to ?torch farmland,? as it has already done with?arson kites in recent days, and murder ?innocent men, women, and children.?

[…] It has been suggested that Hamas seeks sufficient violence to distract Gazans from the terror group?s utter failure to effectively govern the coastal enclave, while avoiding full-blown war with Israel, which would be disastrous for Hamas.

In recent weeks, for instance, Hamas has directed rioters to not only destroy Israeli property, but has also ordered the?destruction of humanitarian infrastructure, such as the Kerem Shalom crossing (through which medical supplies enter Gaza) and major gas pipelines running into the Strip.

Hamas? health ministry claims that about 50 Palestinians have been killed during the riots, with Israel identifying a significant number of the casualties as Hamas operatives.