How do you confuse a?music-loving, social justice warrior who is a third wave feminist?


Question: How do you confuse a?music-loving, social justice warrior who is a third wave feminist?

Answer: You show them, Netta,?performing Toy’ and winning the Eurovision song competition.

Netta’s style may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is no denying her huge talent or her originality. Her song has gone viral and for the same reasons that?Psy, a Korean rapper’s music video for the song ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral.

Both have completely original and weird moves, sounds and style and both songs are incredibly catchy and memorable. They make people want to sing and dance, they are extraordinary. Most of all they make people feel happy. I have watched lots of reaction videos to Netta’s song and people after their initial shock are moving to the music and having fun by the end of it.

The reason why Netta is confusing? Social Justice Warriors and third wave feminists everywhere is that she is a fascinating?fusion of things that they have been taught to both hate and love. They don’t know whether they should support her or condemn her.

First of all let’s look at the reasons why they want to support her.

  1. She is a successful, confident, woman of colour.
  2. She has achieved success in an industry that is dominated by thin, beautiful women.
  3. She is a successful role model for fat girls and women everywhere.
  4. Her song has become the anthem of the #MeToo movement
  5. Her song is about empowerment
  6. She is creative and wears eye-catching original costumes
  7. She doesn’t care what others think of her, she has not conformed to the music industries expectations

All in all, it should be very easy for third-wave feminists and Social Justice Warriors to love her but they are confused because they also have reasons to condemn her.

  1. She is an Israeli so nothing she does should be applauded or praised.
  2. The anti-Israel, economic terrorism movement the BDS are already mobilising against her to try to prevent Eurovision being held in Israel.
  3. Her Japanese inspired costumes have been condemned as ‘cultural appropriation’
  4. While she was winning the competition, 50 or so Hamas terrorists were being shot by Israeli soldiers defending their border from a planned massacre of Israeli citizens.? (Of course, that is not how it was described by the MSM). The MSM has consistently described the deaths of the attackers as indiscriminate and they have ignored the fact that only 50+ of the 40,000 armed ‘peaceful’ protestors storming the border fence were killed.