How society determines a human being’s value

How we view the value of an unborn child’s life in our society will continue to be a total contradiction because we have made it legal to kill an unwanted child yet still condemn the killing of a wanted child.
If an unborn child is not a human being and therefore has no value or human right to life then a pregnant woman being stabbed to death should be reported as the death of a woman, no more no less. If having an abortion is just like extracting a tooth then why should anyone be more upset when a pregnant woman is stabbed to death than they would be if a non?pregnant woman was stabbed to death?
If a dead woman lost her tooth while being stabbed to death that is not particularly newsworthy is it?
Why does society give an unborn child humanity and value as a unique human being when it is killed by a criminal rather than by an abortionist? Quote:

Australian man Joshua Scott Homann snatched two lives when he plunged a knife into his partner’s neck and chest dozens of times while she was visibly pregnant with their daughter.

It was an act of domestic violence Kirralee Paepaerei’s family said “only the devil” was capable of […]

Paepaerei’s mother and stepfather wore purple shirts that bore a photo of their daughter and the slogan “Say no to domestic violence”, as well as an ultrasound image of their unborn grandchild and the message, “Taken with Mum”.

Joyce D’Ugo?told the court her daughter, who had four sons, had been excited to learn she was finally expecting a baby girl – “her little pink one” – whom she had named Mia.

“You robbed us of seeing, holding and really knowing little Mia.”

She said her daughter, 37, had “a heart of gold” and was “there for anyone who needed her, even her worst enemy”.

Her father John Ciappara said his daughter would have put up a fight against Homann’s “cowardly and ferocious attack” in an attempt to save her unborn child.

[…] Godwin D’Ugo said Homann was “a waste of flesh” who stabbed and bashed his step-daughter “to satisfy your evil desires”.

[…] Only the devil is capable of doing this. End of quote.

In the?article, the man who killed his unborn child along with its mother is described as a
“devil” and the reporter states that he “snatched two lives” yet had this same woman had an abortion paid for by her partner no one would be calling the abortionist a devil or giving that exact same child any consideration at all.

Society would support both the mother and the father in their decision to end their child’s life. In fact, the abortionist would be seen as performing a community service.

We will continue to experience this kind of cognitive dissonance in how we treat unborn children being?killed for as long as our society continues to makes laws that determine a human beings value on whether or not they are loved and wanted by their parents.