HRC recommendations to protect Islam discriminate against Maori

The recommendations of the?New Zealand Human Rights Commission to protect Islam with “disharmonious speech” laws will have wide-ranging impacts on both Maori and our wider society if they are implemented.

Canterbury Maori academic?Melissa Derby on?NewstalkZB expressed her concern about a submission by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission to the United Nations. She said that they are attempting to protect Muslim New Zealanders and immigrant groups by discriminating against Maori and impacting on freedom of speech.

It is “privileging immigrant religions and immigrant cultures over this country’s indigenous people.”

She said that essentially the submission is saying in terms of Muslim New Zealanders, in particular, that they have rights that Maori New Zealanders don’t have.

Melissa Derby says its crazy legislation which she hopes won’t go through. She pointed out that it is about criminalising the ability to criticise an idea which is censorship and ” is a?really dangerous path.”

Criminalising?our right to criticise dangerous ideas she said is very “frightening” and I agree with her one hundred percent. I hope more academics like her wake up to the dangers of the proposed ‘disharmonious speech’ and ‘hate speech’ laws being pushed by groups like the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

This is an issue that people from both sides of the political?spectrum need to fight otherwise we will be sleepwalking towards a future where we will be criminalised for criticising Sharia law, Muslim immigration, halal certification, halal slaughter, honour killings, female genital mutilation, multiple wives, wife beating, the burka, the hijab, segregated swimming pools, forced marriage, child marriage, drawing Muhammad and any nasty verse from the Koran to name just a few.