Identity for me, but not for thee

In the latest social justice outrage, commentator Sean Plunket stated that Golriz Ghahraman abandoned her country and implied that, as a foreign interloper, she shouldn?t be telling people what to teach their children in New Zealand :

Plunket then made the fundamental mistake of apologising for telling the truth. This allowed Golriz to perform her tiresome sanctimonious gloating, while Stuff and other New Zealand media outlets piled on.

Once again, we are shown that apologies never work because you are grovelling to people who don’t like you. Beyond the uselessness of an apology, we learned that the real question the media wanted answered was: Is Golriz a real Kiwi?

She identifies herself on Twitter as ?IranianKiwi? so that?s your answer. And, to be clear, the answer is this: whenever someone identifies themselves with a split identifier, they consider themselves the first part and never the second.


In the very same Twitter thread, she made it clear that she has no respect for the people who built this country:

Apparently, if you have European ancestors you have nothing to be proud of. Golriz has also coined a new term:?’Colonisation denial.’


In this grossly offensive tweet, Golriz makes the huge ideological leap that if you have white skin and are proud of your cultural heritage then you think you are superior to other ethnic groups and that you are a white supremacist! She also states that the belief system of white cultures has “formed the basis of EVERY human atrocity” in history!

Let?s review Golriz?s biography. Please hold your tears until after you read her harrowing tale:

  1. Golriz was forced to claim asylum in an oppressive colonialist white country. This was after her family flew on a commercial aircraft, invented and built by evil white people, through multiple perfectly safe non-oppressive and non-evil non-white countries on her way here.
  2. She was supported by New Zealand taxpayer assistance as a child along with her family, largely paid for by white people.
  3. She attended New Zealand schools paid for by many white New Zealand taxpayers.
  4. She went on to higher education, again likely paid for by white New Zealand taxpayers in some form.
  5. She was almost certainly admitted to Oxford above better-qualified white candidates by claiming victim status as a brown woman ‘refugee’.
  6. She worked for the UN defending non-white mass murderers (again, paid for in part by white New Zealand taxpayers) but says in her tweet that only white people are responsible for human atrocities.
  7. She was elected to parliament and has to scrape by on her $160,000+ a year salary paid for in a large part by white New Zealanders.
  8. Worst of all, she was forced to date comedian Guy Williams who, as a white guy, is a member of the patriarchy and guilty of the crimes of his colonising European ancestors.

After reading the above, you are probably wondering the same thing I am: Hasn?t she suffered?enough?at the hands of the oppressive white man?

To Golriz, western countries are an expendable resource that exist to support her and her kin. She is no more Kiwi than a European is Iranian.??She knows it and advertises this fact in everything she says and does. She brags about being an Iranian refugee, then acts surprised when people call her Iranian and not Kiwi. It?s all part of the song and dance of the left.

As an admitted practitioner of identity politics, Golriz certainly knows the routine more than anyone. She just doesn?t want you to notice unless, of course, you?re reviewing her application to Oxford, or parliament, or when you are being critical of her. Then, she?s perfectly happy to use identity as a blunt object to bash you over the head for pity points.

Golriz?s identity isn?t Kiwi, but a laundry list of victim groups that suit her political agenda. Everyone is allowed to have an identity, except whites. Or, to be clear, white identity to Golriz is to be attacked relentlessly while enjoying the fruits of European culture and heritage. In a sane culture, people like Golriz would be run out of our nations and would not receive apologies and tax money in return for telling us how terrible we are.

Yet, as is typical with these interlopers, she won?t do us a favour and simply move back home to rid herself of the evil white oppression that surrounds her. Maybe if we give her an ocean view home with her choice of granite countertop colour she?ll finally like us?

The important part of her statements, though, was not her whinging about being oppressed. Rather, it was these words hissed off her forked tongue that should concern you the most: Quote.

?Free speech, and discussions around issues like racism, were an important part of New Zealand’s growth as a country, Ghahraman said.

However, free speech should not limit other people’s freedom.

Giving people with racist or xenophobic views an official platform was harmful if they “hurt our national sense of solidarity”. End of quote.

Translation: I want to pass laws so that people can?t complain about me and what people like me are doing to their countries. However, I should be free to be as racist as I like about white people.

She wants to bring the speech laws of the EU and UK to our country. She is the tip of the spear. The sad news is that more spears are arriving as Labour intend to not only double the refugee quota but also to relax chain migration rules.

More non-western immigration always means destruction of western values like free speech. Free speech is uniquely western and people like Golriz do not have the cultural history, and in her case her case the intellectual depth, to appreciate these values. Import the third-world, and become the third-world.

Europe and other western countries are showing what a bad idea multiculturalism is and how it has never worked anywhere. Our compassion is always met with scorn and demands for more money and more of our freedoms. Golriz is Exhibit A of our failure. It?s time to shut the door to multicultural immigration, halt all refugee resettlement and show people like Golriz the exit.

Is there a politician in New Zealand who has noticed how popular the governments of Hungary and Poland are that work to defend their cultures and identity against this tripe? Or do they think that Labour?s resounding 40% win is the mark of success? We need leaders to represent the interests of New Zealand as a western country, instead of a multicultural flop house to be plundered by third-world ingrates like Golriz Ghahraman.