If the government are looking at price gouging on fuel, they should look at themselves first

Megan Woods is beating fuel companies, because it is easy.

But, fuel companies have little control over pricing. The ‘stakeholder’ with the biggest influence over pricing is the government. The Taxpayers’ Union explains: Quote:

If the Minister of Energy, Megan Woods, is so concerned about petrol prices, she should haul Phil Twyford into her office, not executives from BP, says the New Zealand Taxpayers? Union.

Taxpayers? Union spokesperson Louis Houlbrooke says, “While we?re pleased to see the Minister concerned about prices at the pump, we?re surprised Phil Twyford hasn?t been hauled in for a ?please explain? meeting.”

“If the Government was so concerned about petrol prices, they wouldn?t be hammering motorists in Auckland with a 25-cents-per-litre increase in fuel tax. The regional fuel tax wouldn?t be needed in Auckland if the Mayor simply met his election promise and found efficiency savings of between 3-6% of total Council spending.” End quote.

The local fuel company gets just 21% of the retail price of petrol, whilst the government takes 49%. That’s nearly half of the price of fuel in taxes.

This is just shameless bullying of fuel companies in an attempt to hide their pending massive increases in fuel taxes to rob motorists to pay for road maggots, and public transport.

Phil Twyford goes on about user pays but, if that is the case, when are road maggots going to start paying for their cycleways, and when are public transport users going to start paying full price for their fares?

The government are smacking up fuel companies because it means they don’t have to explain their own role in ratcheting up fuel prices.