Inconvenient chart of the day

Labour are busily trying to blame the so-called housing crisis on National, but a left-winger posted that image on Twitter on Saturday night.

It seems to me that the government that arrested the decline in consents was the former National government and the government that started the decline was Helen Clark’s Labour government. In 2004 they brought in the Building Act (2004). Look at the chart and wonder no more who actually caused the housing crisis, and it was National who reversed it.??

Judith Collins tweeted: Quote:

And more bad news for Labour and Phil Twyford. Can’t legally build houses in NZ without consents. He’s now claiming houses when consents issued under @NZNationalParty Looks like Twyford Trickery IMHO. End quote.

All the houses that Phil Twyford is claiming as Labour’s Kiwibuild right now were all consented under National. Without any fixes to the Resource Management Act, which Labour voted against whilst in opposition, or bringing the council processes under control just means that the real first Kiwibuild houses to be built are probably five years away. Thankfully, Phil Twyford will be long gone from the mess he is making of his portfolio and it will be up to a National minister to fix it all… again.

It looks like Phil Twyford is all spin and no substance. His spin cycle isn’t working any longer.