Is Gayford making stuff up?

Clarke Gayford made some rather strange claims in his soft interview with The Guardian. Quote:

While he?s had to rein in his enthusiasm for ?a good rant on Facebook? ? and has felt ?like a right chump? editing his own Wikipedia page because the fake news that he was once a police cadet kept coming up in interviews ? he keeps coming back to the ?higher cause? of social justice and environmental action he sees Ardern getting on with. End quote.

This is a stupid claim to make, as it is so easily vetted. People have gone looking for his edits and they can’t find them.

So, did Clarke Gayford make this up? Perhaps. Yet again this fool has waded into a public political debate and then wondered why people have called him out.

I have never edited my Wikipedia page; you just don’t do it. This is despite some pretty extreme defamatory claims put into my Wikipedia page by many different people. I barely look at it. The Wikipedia community usually sort it out so quickly that I have never felt the need to complain or to highlight anything.

If you don’t want to be talked about in politics then don’t involve yourself in it. Clarke Gayford does and so he cops it. He’s also got a long history as Jack the Lad, which is detrimental to him long term.