Is inept worse than wrong?

Things are getting pretty embarrassing now for Phil Twyford. When journalists like Tova O’Brien are slagging you off you have a problem that is bigger than just perception: Quote:

Housing Minister Phil Twyford has apologised for a mistake he made about the price of a KiwiBuild home.

On Friday morning on The AM Show, Mr Twyford said the price of a one-bedroom Kiwibuild home would be $550,000.

That’s $50,000 more than a document sent out just two days ago by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), which said the homes in Auckland and Queenstown would be priced at $500,000.

Mr Twyford now admits he was wrong.

“I misspoke this morning when discussing the KiwiBuild price points. I apologise for any confusion caused,” he said in a statement to Newshub. End quote.

Misspoke or inept??Quote:

Mr Twyford was asked repeatedly what the price point was and the minister said $550,000. He was given the opportunity to correct himself when host Duncan Garner asked “Wasn’t it $500,000?”

“Yeah, it’s gone up slightly. We did the original modelling for those price points two years ago, and under Judith’s [Collins, National housing spokeswoman] Government’s policies, build costs are rampant,” Mr Twyford told The AM Show.?End quote.

Run and hide, run and hide.?Quote:

Labour’s KiwiBuild policy before the election was that standalone houses in Auckland would be priced between $500,000 and $600,000, and apartments would be priced $500,000 or lower.

But the tender documents show that’s now changed. All new homes built under the policy will now be costed by room.

One bedroom will go for $500,000, two bedrooms $600,000 and three bedrooms $650,000 – that’s $50,000 more than Labour promised in the election.

The Government has also been under fire from the Opposition over its plans to buy homes currently under development in order to reach its ambitious KiwiBuild targets. Documentation on the scheme now says it “aims to facilitate the delivery of 100,000 affordable dwellings”, rather than just build.

Will KiwiBuild be another broken promise by the Government??End quote.

Yes it will. A spectacular failure that they won’t be able to blame on the previous government.

Instead of building new houses, what Labour are doing is saving developers by buying up the houses that would have been sold to the private sector. No new houses are going to be built and Kiwibuild is a sham.

The vainglorious Phil Twyford is going to be a big and spectacular failure, but hey, like the special kid coming last in the egg and spoon race, at least he’s giving it a go.