Is nothing safe from the Long March?

Caption: This lot of reactionaries obviously need a drag queen and a Muslim or two, to teach ’em a lesson about diversity

Like country folk the world over, rural Australians have long memories and enduring pride in their institutions. Built on venerable traditions of community and neighbourliness, these institutions have long resisted the relentless onset of modernism. But now it seems their days, too, are numbered.

For many years I was a volunteer firefighter with my local Country Fire Authority brigade, one of rural Australia?s most respected organisations. That hasn?t stopped the socialist Andrews government, beholden to the powerful Urban Firefighters Union, from mounting a sustained assault on the CFA.

Now another of Australia?s most beloved rural institutions is under siege from the city-based ?progressive left?. Quote:

Rural and regional women have fought off a brazen attempt by their progressive city sisters to take the country out of the Country Women?s Association. End of quote.

At many a bushfire, the CWA ladies would be there with their trestle-tables, their tea urns, their incredible baking skills, and their kindly hospitality. Quote:

Pull up in the main street of any rural town and you may be lucky enough to find a stall manned by the Country Women?s Association.

One bite of their light-as-air jam and cream scones with the most refreshing cup of tea and a few kind words and you?ll be immersed in a moment of calm and agenda-free Aussie decency. End of quote.

But not even such a bastion of homely rural values is safe from the Long March through the institutions. Urbanised leftist ?reformers? are relentless in their busybody interference. Quote:

[…] many traditionalists fear the CWA?s core values are under siege and resistance to the metropolitan elite?s politically correct march through the venerable organisation, established in 1922, may be futile. End of quote.

A ?country women?s? branch in the heart of metropolitan Sydney is surely an oxymoron. But apparently when you believe that men can decide on a whim that they are women, nothing is too bizarre for the modern left. Quote:

The Sydney City branch, which unsuccessfully tried to change the CWA constitution this week, has grown to be the biggest in the state with 91 members, boasting students and young professionals among them, and is poised to continue its reform campaign. End of quote.

Naturally the Sydney City ?country women? pursue traditional rural interests. Quote:

It leads a CWA faction of six city branches whose interests, according to the group?s Facebook page, ?include hydrogen-powered bicycles, the Sirius public housing building, harbour cruises and Mongolian photography. End of quote.

But, as always with the modern left, so-called ?progressivism? is merely a mask for a blatant power-grab. Quote:

That constitutional change, by the way, involved a bid by city branches to repeal a rule reserving CWA presidential nominations for women who are ?living or have lived in rural or regional areas?. Not exactly shy about their ambitions, are they? End of quote.

Before the Revolution, French Queen Marie Antoinette played at milkmaids at her twee ?rustic? retreat, Chateau de la Reine. To the French peasantry, the Queen?s frivolous games made mockery of their hardship. The inner-city ?country women? are similarly making a mockery of the grass-roots CWA ladies. Quote:

CWA stalwart of 65 years, ?Eurongilly member Anne Pratt, 82, said city members had ?no idea? of the everyday challenges faced by their rural counterparts, whether it be dealing with a natural disaster or ?having to drive hundreds of kilometres to friends for lunch?.

?They have different ideas. At least you?ve been in the country and gone through droughts and fires and things ? if you live in the city, you have no idea of the hardships.? End of quote.

But does old Anne have any idea of the struggle (the hardship)?of trying to find a decent smashed avocado and flat white in some of the less enlightened suburbs? Don?t tell these city sisters they don?t know what challenge is. Quote:

[…] we know the value of CWA?s real strengths.

It?s a group that?s all about brimming with community pride and polished crisis skills while never being boastful or showy. The CWA is reliable. Inclusive. Respectful. And they focus on the important stuff in life. End of quote.

But do they allow trans-women behind the trestle-tables? That?s what?s important. Quote:

But it is with weary inevitability that the CWA too is now in the sights of the noisy minority intent on ?genderfying? anything they can get their hands on. End of quote.

Is nothing sacred? The Left have ruined entertainment with their strident hectoring. They?ve come for our kids, with their gender lunacy. Can?t they leave even our scones alone?