Are NZ First soft on crime like Labour?

Andrew Little has confirmed that he is going to get rid of the ‘three strikes’ law, but he needs NZ First to do it because Labour and the Greens won’t have the numbers. Quote:

The “three-strikes” law is likely to be scrapped as part of a major overhaul of the criminal justice system and National is calling on NZ First to stick to its principles and keep the controversial law in place.

Justice Minister Andrew Little confirmed he was considering the repeal of the three-strikes law as part of a wider reform of the criminal justice system which aims to reduce the prison population.?End quote.?

Why does Labour want the prison population lower? Is it because they want hardened, violent criminals on the streets??Quote:

Labour opposed that law when National introduced it as part of its agreement with the Act Party in 2010 but scrapping it could put NZ First in a difficult position.

It takes a harder line on law and order than Labour and campaigned vigorously for a “three strikes” law in the past, including in 2008.

It was not in Parliament when the law was passed in 2010 but has called for longer sentences and no parole for violent offenders. In 2017 its platform included requiring some offenders to do hard labour in return for a shorter sentence and some to serve cumulative sentences for multiple offences rather than concurrent.?End quote.

Let’s see if NZ First will stand by their election rhetoric on this one, or risk being branded criminal friendly.?Quote:

National leader Simon Bridges said it would be a test for Peters and his voters would be disappointed if he supported it given his former hard-line stand on sentencing for very serious offenders.

“We’re not talking about theft of a Moro bar. We’re not talking about the lowest lower end [crimes]. We’re talking about very serious cases.”?End quote.

Most of the people in prison are there for violent or sexual offences.?Quote:

NZ First leader Winston Peters said his caucus was yet to discuss the issue of the three-strikes legislation.

He would not say if he still supported the concept of three strikes.

“Anything that is decided like that will go before the caucus first and it has not gone before the caucus.”

However, Little said he believed NZ First were in agreement.

“They were around the Cabinet table when Cabinet made the decision to authorise me to develop a package that has a number of aspects in it, including looking at the three-strikes law. It’s a Cabinet decision.”

Little said NZ First was in complete agreement with Labour that the prison population had to be reduced.

“NZ First is in total agreement. We have to reduce our prison population and we need a safe and effective criminal justice system. Just locking up more people for longer for spurious reasons is not the future of our criminal justice system.” End quote.

Oh, how interesting. Andrew Little speaks for NZ First now?

Most Kiwi voters want prisons, and they want them full of ratbags. We don’t want these scumbags roaming our streets. We want them in jail, and in there for a good long time.

Now if we can just sort out the judges who somehow think it is “manifestly unjust” for a murderer to spend the full sentence in prison when their victims have a death sentence and are going cold in the ground.