It’s not because they are women, it’s because they are socialist harpies

Hillary Clinton has had another cry-fest, this time in Australia, about how she lost because of misogyny. She is yet to look in the mirror for the person to blame for her loss, instead continuing to blame sexism and misogyny. Quote:

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is flying home from Sydney on Saturday after meeting federal politicians and?speaking to a crowd of 7,000 people on Friday night, following a conversation where she and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard likened the attacks on women in power to the Salem witch trials.

Ms Clinton warned that the personal attacks were?deliberately designed to discredit female leaders. End quote.

It isn’t because they are female. The attacks are political, not sexist. If you are going to stand for the big jobs then you better pull on the big girl’s undies.

What these two, and any other woman politician who plays this card, are doing is looking for someone else to blame for their failures.

In the case of Julia Gillard and Hillary Clinton the fact they were attacked is because they are left-wing, globalist, bitter old bags themselves. Not because they are women. Why the both of them aren’t in jail is beyond me.