Jacinda and Winston at odds over USA pulling out of Iran deal

Jacinda Arden and Winston Peters are at odds with each other over Donald Trump’s decision pulling the USA out of the Iran deal.

The NZ Herald reports Ardern as saying: Quote:

“Our view is that it made for a more stable, predictable Middle East. So the decision today is disappointing.” End quote.

Meaning that she prefers to allow Iran to develop ballistic missiles, fund terror, and for her to know exactly when they will have a nuclear bomb

While Jacinda Ardern was saying that, Winston Peters was saying something else entirely: Quote:

“I can’t say this far away. We are a country which is very much inclined to have people rush to judgment, and push politicians to make comment when simply they and their advisers do not have the information.”?End quote.

Winston Peters prefers the more statesmanlike wait and see approach. He recognises that we don?t have all the information and and clearly distances himself from Ardern’s statement and throws her under the proverbial bus for virtue signalling without supporting information.

Winston is a cunning old bastard.?I wonder if any brave NZ MP or journalist is going to point out that Trump seems to be making things happen in North Korea.

Any smart journalist would also ask Jacinda Ardern to outline what is good and what is bad about the Iran deal. Or any questions for that matter that aren?t provided/supplied.

Meanwhile our steel and aluminium exporters can kiss goodbye any case of exporting their product to the US without tariffs because Jacinda Ardern just can’t help running foreign policy like she is a student politician.