Judith Collins calls out Jacinda for causing the latest people smuggling case

Judith Collins calls out Jacinda?for causing the latest people smuggling case, and uses a nice, subtle sledge, mimicking Jacinda’s own turn of phrase to start with: Quote:

Let?s be clear.

When Jacinda Ardern and her Labour/NZF/Greens alliance thought it was a brilliant idea to try to embarrass Australia over Manus Island and The Australian Liberal/National Government stemming the tide of people smuggling by taking and following through on a strong stance unlike the weak response from previous Australian Labor Governments, this is what she and her follow-travellers were playing with.

New Zealand has been hugely helped by Australia, Indonesia?and Malaysia over the years in helping to keep these people smugglers out of New Zealand waters.
For those who think that these ships can?t cross the Tasman, here?s an example of one that could and would have.

Before criticising the Australian Government, Prime Minister Ardern should have remembered that refrain that includes… ?walk a mile in my shoes?. She?s lucky Malcolm Turnbull gives her the time of day. End quote.

She is talking about the news of a major interception of a people smuggling operation heading to NZ: Quote:

Malaysian police have intercepted human traffickers they say modified a tanker to smuggle undocumented migrants to New Zealand and Australia.

Authorities said the tanker was carrying 131 Sri Lankans when it was intercepted on Tuesday.

There were 98 men, 24 women, four boys and five girls.

The Singapore-based ChannelNewsAsia reports the tanker had the name Etra painted on its side.

Three Indonesians and four Malaysians on a fishing boat used to transport the migrants to the vessel were also arrested.

Malaysia’s national police chief Mohamad Fuzi Harun said the large-scale and cunning human smuggling syndicate had been operating for a year and had connections in New Zealand, as well as in Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway has thanked Malaysian authorities for their work, saying the interception sent a clear message to people smugglers.

Mr Lees-Galloway said lives had been put at extreme risk in the most vast and treacherous ocean in the world.

He said the act was not tolerated by New Zealand and the exploitation of the individuals on board was repugnant. End quote.

Iain Lees-Galloway might like to go tell his boss to shut her gob on illegal immigrants now. Labour get this issue wrong every single time.