Keeping up appearances while their nation burns

Caption: This is not Sweden. This is not happening. Don’t believe your lying eyes

In 1835 the pacifistic Moriori people of the Chatham Islands off New Zealand were invaded by hundreds of Maori using a hijacked British ship. The Moriori, who had been safely isolated from their cousins on the New Zealand mainland for centuries, had a rigidly non-violent culture. Even when the Maori landed and immediately set about slaughtering and cannibalising them, a council of Moriori elders decided to abide by their pacifist ideals.

The result was thorough and extraordinarily brutal genocide.

What happened to the Moriori was a case of what Jim Goad calls “virtue-signalling to death”. History is being repeated today in Sweden.

Like every Western country, Sweden had benefited from a general decline in violent crime in the later part of the 20th century. Then the Swedes embarked on a virtue-signalling mass-immigration program. Quote:

Sweden?s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image

[Because of] Gang-related gun murders, now mainly a phenomenon among men with immigrant backgrounds…Sweden has gone from being a low-crime country to having homicide rates significantly above the Western European average. Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.

Shootings?have become so common that they don?t make top headlines anymore, unless they are spectacular or lead to fatalities. News of attacks are quickly replaced with headlines about sports events and celebrities, as readers have become desensitized to the violence. A generation ago, bombings against the police and riots were extremely rare events. Today, reading about such incidents is considered part of daily life. End of quote.

But how do Swedish authorities respond to this surge in violent crime? With a PR campaign, of course. Quote:

In response, the Swedish government has launched an international campaign for ?the image of Sweden? playing down the rise in crime, both in its media strategy and through tax-funded PR campaigns. End of quote.

Spin quickly devolves into flat-out lies. A government minister: Quote:

claimed that the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases ?is going down and going down and going down.? In fact, the opposite is true, which [she] later admitted in an apology.

Similarly…former Prime Minister Carl Bildt described the country?s immigration policy as a success story. He did not elaborate on violent crime. After repeated attacks against Jewish institutions…Bildt took to the same paper to claim that anti-Semitism is not a major problem in Sweden…only a few days earlier, a police station in Malm? was rocked by a hand grenade attack. Earlier the same month, a police car in the city was destroyed in an explosion. End of quote.

So far Swedes are showing precious little inclination to say anything about the lies and spin of those in power. In fact, the pathology seems to have permeated the national psyche. Mothers refuse to report migrant men who rape their teenage daughters. Social workers gang-raped by migrants refuse to go to the police. Grandmothers who do speak out on social media face prison terms.

Why does an entire nation seem so hell-bent on consigning itself to violent oblivion? Quote:

the notion of a ?Swedish Model? ? that the country has much to teach the world ? is a vital part of the national self image…When the Swedish government and opposition refer to the country as a ?humanitarian superpower? because it opened its doors to more immigrants per capita during the migrant crisis than any other EU country, they mean it. End of quote.

Like the 19th century Moriori with their code of non-violence, the Swedes are determined to cling to their comforting delusions of diversity and multicultural utopia, even as their nation collapses into a burning, bloody heap in front of their very eyes, to the chorus of the screams of thousands of raped women and girls.

They know full well what’s happening: they’re just too absorbed in their own pious lies to do anything about it.