Labour announces catch and release criminal justice changes

Andrew Little has confirmed that Labour will be launching ‘catch and release’ as official government policy for criminal justice. Radio NZ reports: Quote:

The ‘three strikes’ law is set to be axed, with Justice Minister Andrew Little saying he will take a proposal to Cabinet to repeal it.

The law was passed in 2010 under the previous National-led government, with the support of the ACT Party.

It set up a three-stage system of increasing consequences for repeat serious violent offenders.

On a third ‘strike’, the sentence must be the maximum possible unless the court considers it would be manifestly unjust.

Mr Little said last year Labour intended to repeal the law.

It had not successfully reduced serious crime, and had also not acted as an effective deterrent, he said.

Today he confirmed he would take a proposal to Cabinet in 10 days’ time to repeal the law.

The law was “only ever a gimmick”, he said.

The law had also been?widely criticised by lawyers and academics.?End quote.

Of course it hasn’t been successful, because judges over-rode parliament’s intent and ignored the provisions of the law. The NZ Herald also reports: Quote:

The “three strikes” law will be repealed and more offenders will serve their sentences in the community under changes proposed by Justice Minister Andrew Little.

Little will take a proposal to repeal the controversial law to Cabinet when it meets in 10 days.?End quote.

Serving sentences in the community they committed crimes against. Well done. Labour introduces catch and release criminal justice.?Quote:

Little denied the Government was going soft on crime.

“We want to have a good public debate … I think it’s time for New Zealanders to reflect on what we’ve been doing for the last 30 years, ask ourselves ‘is this really working’ and then look at alternatives.”

He called the three strikes law a “gimmick”.

“There’s not much that three strikes does that can’t be done in existing sentencing legislation.” End quote.

Three strikes would have been much more effective were it not for activist judges who thought the feelings of criminals over-rode the feelings of their victims. Apparently it was manifestly unjust to keep a scumbag in jail for the full sentence after they’d killed someone and snuffed out their life.

If someone kills while out on bail then Andrew Little will be the one held to account. I bet he won’t have the stones to front family members and tell them that it was fair and just not to have the killer in jail, trying a different way was best for us all…except for your loved one who is now dead.

I have an idea for a law…any politician who proposes community sentencing should have their name added to the list of half-way houses to care for criminals on community sentencing.