Labour now have two choices: Catch and release or triple bunking

Labour are set to show that they are incredibly soft on crime now that they’ve cancelled the new prison at Waikeria. The NZ Herald reports:?Quote:

The Government has abandoned plans for a mega-prison in the Waikato, but has not yet revealed its back-up plan.

The Corrections Department has sought approval to upgrade Waikeria Prison near Te Awamutu to 3000 beds, but Cabinet has repeatedly delayed a decision on it.

Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis said today that it would not be approving Corrections’ proposal.

The decision not to proceed with the expansion did not solve the problems of a rising prison population and low prison capacity, he said.

Davis said he would be working with Minister of Justice Andrew Little and Police Minister Stuart Nash to come up with solutions.

“We will take action, but it will be considered and not reactive.”

Last week’s Budget allocated $200m for new modular units capable of housing 600 prisoners.

But unions representing Corrections staff say that will not relieve the pressure at Waikeria, which they said was dangerously crowded and run down. End quote.

Labour and the unions banged on about overcrowding, fight clubs, old prison, container cells and double bunking while in opposition. What are they going to do now?

Word is they are hoping that National will help them out on bail law changes. I would caution National against doing that. The bail law changes were made because of a few high profile cases where scumbags on bail killed or maimed more people.

But, Labour have created a massive problem for themselves now. They really only have two choices for corrections policy. The first is catch and release, which will, of course, prove that they are in government for and on behalf of the criminal classes and are soft on crime. The alternative is to move to triple bunking.

Laughably, they are now talking about “pop-up jail cells”:?Quote:

Nearly $200m will be spent on urgently building pop-up jail cells to cope with the growing prison population.

The new “rapid build modular units” would be able to fit 600 additional inmates, according to Budget documents.

They will be in place by the end of 2019. End quote.

Do they mean container cells? The same sort of cells they opposed as inhumane?

Labour should build the new prison and fill it to the brim with ratbags. It’s what voters want.