Lowest temperatures in decades can hardly be global warming now, can it?

Australia is in for record lows, but expect the warmists to say, it’s just weather: Quote:

SYDNEY is set to be hit with two icy winter blasts as a chilly Melbourne braces for a month?s worth of rain in three days.

The first polar blast will send a chill over the NSW capital by Friday afternoon, with a second trough from the low pressure system moving through on Sunday when icy winds are forecast to strengthen to 90km/h.

Sydneysiders can expected a frosty Friday?with forecasts predicting the coolest day since November 2017. Temperatures are currently about five degrees above the averages for May, sitting at 25C.

While Sydney will be spared heavy rain during the chill, Melbourne is facing a month?s worth in three days ? the wettest period so far this year.

Today and tomorrow?s expected 13C maximum for Melbourne will also be the coldest two days this early in autumn since 1978.

The heaviest of the rain is predicted for tomorrow when at least 20mm is expected to fall on the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for large parts of Victoria, including for Melbourne, which is bracing for heavy rainfall.

Usually warm?Queensland will also feel the cold?when temperatures in Brisbane drop by about 7C this weekend.


A stray low pressure system with a polar air mass behind it moving north from the Southern Ocean is responsible for the cold front, bringing rain, chilly air, thunderstorms, small hail and even snow.

Between 20-40cm of natural snow is predicted for the alpine region until Sunday.

Snow is also expected to fall in central and western Victoria and over the Central Tablelands in New South Wales on Friday.

Canberra is due to cop its coldest day in almost two decades.

Sky News Weather chief meteorologist Tom Saunders told news.com.au Canberra would hit a high of 9C tomorrow which is the coldest May day in 18 years.

?For this early in the year it would be the coldest day in 48 years,? he said. End quote.

Looks like the global warming bubble is popping.

With a new solar minimum that is reportedly likely to be worse than the Maunder Minimum it looks like all the alarmism is also out the window.

So far so-called climate science has failed to deliver a single prediction that has come true, nor a model that matches reality.

Watch the alarmists though claim victory for reducing temperatures as people shiver with no power because oil and gas exploration ended our self-sufficiency.