Mallard displays some more of that condescending behaviour in parliament

Two days ago Trevor Mallard was accused of being condescending. Yesterday he provided an example of his churlish and condescending behaviour: Quote:

Chris Bishop: Well, following on from that question from the Deputy Prime Minister, can he confirm the extra 383 cops on the beat since he became Minister were all funded through National’s 2017 Safer Communities package?

STUART NASH: What I can say is that we are striving? [Interruption]. What I can say is that there are about 400 officers who leave the service every single year, so to deliver on our 1,800 we need to train about 1,000 new officers a year just to replace churn. We are striving very hard to deliver 1,800 more. This is, as the Deputy Prime Minister mentioned?

Mr SPEAKER: All right. OK?OK.

STUART NASH: ?the largest increase in police numbers?

Mr SPEAKER: Order!


Mr SPEAKER: Order! I just say to Mr Nash, when he sees that I’m on my feet, he will resume his seat. He doesn’t deliberately look away like a naughty child.

STUART NASH: Oh, for goodness’ sake! Stop that?I reject that.

Mr SPEAKER: The member will stand, withdraw, and apologise.

Hon STUART NASH: I stand, withdraw, and apologise. I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker.

Hon STUART NASH: I do not?you know, I find it objectionable that you would stand there and compare me to a naughty child. I take personal offence to that.

Mr SPEAKER: Well, Mr Nash, it is my experience of naughty children when they see their parents have observed them doing something they shouldn’t do?I was on my feet; you saw I was on my feet, and you, after that, looked away and continued to speak. That, in my opinion, deserves that sort of approach.

STUART NASH: I disagree.

Mr SPEAKER: Well, the member might want to disagree, and the National Party will have an additional two supplementary questions for the interjection while I was on feet?again. End quote.

Two questions later Mallard decided that he had overstepped the mark and apologised:

Unfortunately, it is only captured in the video record and not in the Hansard record of proceedings.

When you have government ministers tired and frustrated with the condescending manner in which Trevor Mallard performs his role as the speaker then you can imagine how the opposition feel.

Good on Stuart Nash for having a crack at his own speaker.