Map of the day

Source (i) ? Digital Common Wealth, New Standard Map of the World

Today is the 13th, so here is something appropriate, random and left field.

This map was drafted in 1892 by none other than J.S. Christopher. It was published by Gleason?s and endorsed by the Modern College of Blackheath England. At the time it was accepted as the New Standard Map of the World and patented as such across much of Europe. It was? further sanctioned as scientifically and practically correct.

Source (ii) ? Wikipedia ? Flag of the United Nations

The flat earth theory is nothing new. It has been around since the dawn of time. Believers have included scholars from both the monotheistic and polytheistic camps. The ancient Egyptians also delved into this and further adopted the dome theory (another discussion for another day). Through the ages, scientists, philosophers and agnostic scholars have contemplated its relevance and credibility.

What was once an acceptable belief is today frowned upon. Flat Earthers are branded whack jobs and conspiracy theorists.?Be this as it may, the United Nations adopted the flat earth template for their own flag. This has no doubt inflamed the theory and created more conspiracy theories. The irony behind this is the more people try to disprove the theory, the more advanced the theory becomes.

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