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Last Sunday, Google honoured Abraham Ortelius’s life and work.

Born on 14 April 1527, Abraham Ortelius was a Flemish cartographer and geographer, conventionally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.?He supplemented his income trading in books, prints, and maps, and his journeys included yearly visits to the?Frankfurt?book and print fair where he met?Gerardus Mercator?in 1554.?In 1560, however, when travelling with Mercator to?Trier,?Lorraine, and?Poitiers, he seems to have been attracted, largely by Mercator?s influence, towards the career of a scientific geographer.?He died in Antwerp in 1598.

Maps are awesome, they are little pieces of art, created by passionate individuals wanting to share their knowledge with others.

Below is a very early map drawn in 1450 (or close to this time)

Source – Wikipedia

The Fra Mauro map, one great medieval European map, was made around 1450 by the Venetian monk?Fra Mauro. It is a circular world map drawn on parchment and set in a wooden frame, about two meters in diameter