Markle Sparkle

I love the way the British do a ceremony. I really do. Nobody does it better. Every time they have a special occasion, they do it with precise timing and brilliant organisation. That is why I, and millions of other people, sat down to watch the Royal Wedding with friends, looking forward to the colour, the splendour, the precision and the romance of the whole event, knowing that it would be an amazing spectacle, as these things always are.

But there are always haters, aren’t there? Twitter is full of them. First of all, there are all the comments like:? “Retweet if you couldn’t care less about the Royal Wedding”. I couldn’t care about the FA Cup Final, but I didn’t feel compelled to tell the world about it.

First, this from Lily Allen.

Nice, Lily. Here’s a thought. As a very successful actress on the legal drama series, Suits, Meghan Markle (or should I now say the Duchess of Sussex) has probably not done dishes for a while. You know what, Lily? I’ll bet you haven’t either.

Why did a successful singer have to tweet something spiteful like that? Being a leftie is one thing. Being nasty and vindictive is quite another.

And then there is this.

I think you are way out of line here, Meriki. You don’t know that the Duchess didn’t pay for her own wedding dress. As for the jewels, the tiara was lent to her by the Queen, and originally belonged to Queen Mary, wife of King George V. Queen Mary bought the bandeau herself from the jeweller Garrard in 1925. The rest of the jewellery was apparently Meghan’s own, including the aquamarine ring given to her by Harry, that once belonged to this mother, Diana. No blood money there at all.

And this from Katie Hopkins.

I am a little disappointed with Katie Hopkins over this. There is no need for her to be ungracious, and to be honest, I have no idea what she means. I thought Meghan’s whole wedding style was simple and elegant, as was Kate’s. Maybe I am misunderstanding her, but I don’t think so. It has led to comments about her attitude of white supremacy, which are probably not deserved, but she didn’t help herself here at all.

Of course, we had to have a bit of nasty feminism thrown in.

The tradition of fathers giving away their daughters dates from the days when women were indeed considered property, especially among royal families or the aristocracy, because weddings brought about favourable alliances. But these days, we don’t talk so much about ‘giving away’ the bride, so much as ‘walking her down the aisle’. Meghan’s father could not make the wedding, for whatever reason, so she chose to walk the first bit by herself. It was never meant to be some kind of feminist statement and it is a shame it has been seen that way.

But there is one thing that was never in doubt.

After all of those royal alliances, and marriages of convenience (even as recently as Prince Harry’s own parents, Charles & Diana), this is clearly a love match. Let us wish them all the very best for their future together.

But, in spite of gospel choirs and screaming bishops, never doubt for one minute that the Royal Family, aka The Firm, didn’t pull one or two strings in the arrangements just for themselves.