Maxwell’s silver hammer


Go home, whitey.

That, right there, is exactly the kind of inappropriate sentence to which some in New Zealand think they will wake up one morning and read in their newspaper.

Dabbing their pink brows, barking outrage, these people know that, given a chance, M?ori would ship them back to wherever they or their ancestors came from. And that’s if they’re lucky.

These people are fizzing with paranoia. And the truth is this: being a lousy person makes you paranoid. You throw out suspicion like space junk in perpetual orbit around your rotten little soul. End quote.

Joel Maxwell makes my job so easy. You can pretty much guarantee that any article of his will be another spouting of racist drivel, and here we go again. He does not disappoint.

This from?Stuff?Quote:

Paranoia won big last week. A swath?of referendums around the country crushed the latest decent and reasonable efforts by councillors to create M?ori wards in places like Manawat?, Palmerston North and Whakat?ne. End quote.

Joel, Joel, Joel. Steady on. Do you know why most of us do not want Maori wards? Because we want New Zealanders to all be equal. This is not a place where ‘all men are equal, but some are more equal than others’. This is where we want racial harmony by treating everyone the same. That is the very definition of equality.

But not in Joel’s te reo lexicon, apparently. Quote:

Even so, there were a couple of things that struck me about the poll results. Firstly, the return rate was astonishingly high ??nudging returns for actual council elections ??and so was the anti-M?ori vote. Secondly, the phrase “we’re all in this together”?never seemed so terrifying.

There is apparently a chunk of P?keha in the middle of everything, bridging the Left and Right, operating from fear and its associates, spite and stupidity.

They live right over our fence. End quote

For a while, I thought he was serious, in that he had neighbours who stole stuff. It happens, Joel, get over it. But of course, he didn’t mean that. Oh no. He’s talking about the filthy colonialists who came and ransacked the place and took away everything that Maori owned.

Like what, exactly?

Houses? Nope.

Cars? Ships? Precious metals? Weapons? No.

Of course not. They owned nothing.

So I guess we must be rewriting history again about Maori land claims. The terrible colonialists who stole all our lands and have spent the last 30 years paying us billions to compensate, or indeed to give it back AND pay compensation. Quote:

The preservation of history, which is really the attempt to capture moments of time itself, is a profound study. Preserving someone else’s memories makes us human. We catch the information buzzing through their neurons and hold it in our hands.

But history only works if you are honest. Paranoia doesn’t breed honesty. End quote.

This is not preserving history, it is rewriting it. Or it is rewriting what happened in 1840 with a 21st-century viewpoint. Neither is even remotely accurate, but that doesn’t matter to Joel. It is just another opportunity to be outraged over a perceived affront because those fourth and fifth generation settlers now want everyone to be treated in the same way.

Joel doesn’t want equality for Maori. He wants superiority for Maori. He wants the ‘compulsory Maori’ element in each Council. He doesn’t want Maori to do anything on their own merits. He wants them always to be inferior. Until he gets it, he will continue to produce rubbish like this, submitted to a sycophantic media outlet that actually thinks people are open to this hopelessly biased view.

They are not. Like CNN, Stuff may soon find that bias does not pay the bills. Quote:

The world won’t end if mana-enhancing changes happen. It will actually get better. But regardless, uninterested P?keha get to keep doing what they do best: being the pinky-white constant in the background of the Great Show that is our nation’s recent history.

Instead, it appears plenty of P?keha were invigorated by an opportunity to vote against the brown guy. He is after all, just a despot in pauper’s clothing. End quote.

Just for the record, Joel, here is what I think. Maori don’t need special wards, because they are very successful, both in local and central politics, as it is. They don’t need special treatment. Do you think Winston Peters, Shane Jones, Ron Mark, Kelvin Davis, Tau Henare, Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, Marama Davidson, and many others, got to where they are (or did) because of special treatment? No. They got to where they are by passing the same tests and pounding the same pavements as everyone else. Simon Bridges beat all the white guys (and girls) to become National Party leader. How do you think he would feel if he was told that he needed special treatment to get to where he is? He’d laugh in your face for a start. Quote:

I don’t know much about history, and not enough yet about te ao M?ori, but I know in my gut that M?ori were in the centre of it all from the start, and we still are.

I promise P?keha who choose to take our hands that they are part of something bigger too. End quote.

I promise that Maori who decide to become part of the bigger picture and stop asking to be treated like a special interest group will flourish and thrive in the real world. Quite a few are doing it now. Sorry, Joel, but your apologist views are so last century. It’s time you caught up with the rest of us.