More to do on poverty, but after they help rich kids at university first

Jacinda Ardern is saying the government need to do more on poverty and they plan to do so. Radio NZ reports: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the government has more work to do when it comes to helping the country’s poorest families.

The Child Poverty Action Group has raised concerns about the $5.5 billion families package not doing enough for the children of the worst-off families.

The group wanted benefit sanctions removed for families where there are children, as well as changes to the amount of money beneficiaries could earn before their payments were docked.

But there was no action on that in the Budget.??

Economics spokesperson Susan St John said people working on the front line with those families were seeing a growing amount of distress.

“Many families simply do not have enough to eat and that is not good enough for a developed country,” she said.

Ms Ardern said the poorest families would have more money in their pockets through the families package, which kicks in on 1 July.

That was only a first step, she said.

“We’re now undertaking a piece of work around the way our welfare system works and I do expect to see further recommendations off the back of that too.End quote.

First, though, they have to help rich kids at university, and plow a billion dollars into foreign affairs and subsidising sexy horses.

Once that is all taken care of then they can help the poor.

Jacinda Ardern stated her entire reason for being in politics was to alleviate poverty yet, by every measure since becoming prime minister and being in a position where she can actually make a difference, she has failed. She has preferred rich kids over poor kids, preferred diplomats over poor kids, sexy horses over child poverty and virtue signalling over substance. She’s closed well-performing charter schools out of spite and ideology, despite posing for selfies with kids from those same schools. She won’t front them and she won’t meet them and tell them why she’s closed their schools. She said she’d visit Taranaki the week after she returned from meeting the Queen… and seems to have lost the map to get there or can’t programme the GPS in her Tesla.

If she was a bloke we’d say she is all mouth and no trousers. Her sloganeering is becoming tiresome.