New Zealand to tell off Israel for daring to defend its borders

Jacinda Ardern has signalled a return to the anti-Israel stance of the government by calling in the Israeli ambassador to tick him off for Israel daring to defend its borders from rioting hordes of Palestinians intent on breaching the border: Quote:

The Israeli Ambassador will be called in again this week by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to raise concern about the deaths of more than 50 people in Gaza and wounding of 2700 while protesting the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said yesterday Mfat met with Ambassador Itzhak Gerberg in the past fortnight and would call him in again after Israeli forces killed more than 50 people.

The deaths were on the same day the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem after US President Donald Trump’s decision to move it from Te Aviv, recognising it as Israel’s capital.

Ardern said such a move was always going to inflame the situation given Jerusalem was critical for hopes of a “two-state” solution to succeed.??
“You will recall at the time the United States announced they would be moving their representation to Jerusalem we stated at that time strongly that we did not believe that would take us closer to peace and it hasn’t,” Ardern said.

However in a statement on Tuesday, the Israeli Embassy defended Israel’s response, saying Hamas had used the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem as an excuse to “cynically fan the flames of the conflict while initiating violent provocations against Israel.”

“Israel has the right and the duty to protect its sovereignty, its borders and its citizens. Accordingly, that message of self-defense has been conveyed to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Any imposed solution cannot work. The only path to reach a peaceful solution to this conflict is through direct negotiations.”

Ardern said New Zealand stood by the two-state solution.

“It is the right of any nation to defend their border, but this is a devastating, one-sided loss of life. We would condemn the violence that has occurred and it’s plain to see the effects of this decision and the ramifications are wide reaching.” End quote.

Why are the Israeli’s being called in? Why not the Hamas representative? Why is only Israel being blamed for hordes of violent thugs charging border fences?

Israel made it very clear that if armed people approached the border then they would be stopped.

This is an escalation orchestrated by Hamas, putting their own people in harm’s way, in order to get sopping-wet liberals like Jacinda Ardern to attack Israel. And the silly little girl fell for it.

Kiwis might not understand, but it is coming up to fighting season in the Middle East… when it is warmer for running around dodging Israeli bullets.

Israel has a right to defend its borders.

New Zealand has a stupid stance of wanting a two state solution. It will never happen while Hamas and Fatah have as their over-reaching goals the eradication of the state of Israel “from the river to the sea”. You can’t negotiate with intransigent people who refuse to even talk. But, as usual, New Zealand backs the despots and dictators over democracy.