Not content with wrecking the oil industry, now Labour set their sights on dairy

Now that Labour have successfully wrecked the oil and gas industry in New Zealand, they have turned their economic wrecking ball to the dairy industry. Another kick in the guts for Taranaki: Quote:

The Government could be buying itself a fight with the farming lobby after suggesting there needs to be fewer cows.

Environment Minister David Parker told TVNZ’s Q+A programme there would not be a direct cap on the number of cattle but there may be limits on the amount of nutrients lost from a farm into a waterway.

“Cow numbers have already peaked and are going down, but yes, in some areas, the number of cows per hectare is higher than the environment can sustain. That won’t be done through a raw cap on cow numbers; it will be done on nutrient limits, the amount of nutrient that can be lost from a farm to a waterway, because it’s not just a dairy cow issue.”

Asked about the economic impact, particularly dairying regions, Parker said there had been no analysis yet.

“But it’s very, very difficult to model, because second-best from the farmer perspective may still be very close to the same outcome profit-wise. Can I go back to what I was saying that I think one of the answers to this in south Canterbury, for example, lies in land use change towards more cropping, more horticulture, which are high-value land uses.’ End quote.

No analysis is just code for ‘let’s do this’. It certainly didn’t stop them wrecking oil and gas. Taranaki’s biggest industry is, of course, dairying, and now they get another kick in the guts from a government hell bent on wrecking the economy.

It is almost like Labour are wrecking the regions so they can wreck their coalition partner NZ First.

On top of that they will gut the export sector at the same time. It is quite incredible how they are just lurching from one ideological burp to the next.