Nothing will happen, it never does

Radio NZ reports: Quote:

The Electoral Commission is looking into an ad placed by the horse racing stalwart Sir Patrick Hogan during last year’s election campaign.

The ad, in the racing industry publication?The Informant?last September,?urged people to party vote New Zealand First because of its leader Winston Peters’ support for the racing industry.

The Electoral Act requires people who take out ads promoting a political party during an election campaign to have the party’s permission.

New Zealand First said its party secretary did not authorise any third party advertisements.

Otago University public law professor Andrew Geddis said if Sir Patrick did not have the necessary authorisation he may have committed an illegal practice and could be fined up to $10,000.

A spokesperson for the Electoral Commission said it had not received any complaints about the ad but would look into the matter.

Sir Patrick has not yet responded to a request for comment. ?End quote.

Nothing will happen.

Even if the Electoral Commission find there was a breach, they will refer it to the police and there it will sit until the statutory limitation on these things expires, then they will declare that it wasn’t in the public interest to prosecute.

The police do an appalling job when it comes to prosecuting electoral breaches. The politicians won’t reform the legislation either. So, what happens is nothing.

In at least the last five elections there have been breaches of the electoral laws. More than one hundred have been referred to police to prosecute and not a single person has ever been prosecuted.

It is time to remove the responsibility from police?? they clearly aren’t up to it.

Now would be a good time to point out that NZ First have long had a policy of implementing an Independent Commission Against Corruption. Perhaps they should dust that off.