Now the Greens hate eco-tourism

Caption: It’s theme-park style environmental disasters like this that the Greens are determined to keep out of Tasmania. Photo: Matthew Newton/Australian Geographic

As I wrote recently, the Greens are a party of perpetual begrudgement: never happy, never satisfied. Even when they get what they want, all they can do is complain.

For years the Greens have touted the wonders of eco-tourism. Now that eco-tourism is actually beginning to boom in Tasmania, Greens have suddenly decided that they hate it. Quote:

A mounting backlash to Tasmania?s green tourism boom has prompted warnings that cruise ship access and charter flights will have to be limited and charges for visiting national parks hiked.

Veteran conservationist and former Greens leader Bob Brown is among those claiming unfettered tourism and ?green shoe? ?developers have come to rival logging as a key threat to Tasmania?s wild places. End of quote.

The truth is that the Greens simply hate anything and everything that threatens to make money for this state. They?re also miserable, snobbish elitists. Quote:

There has been criticism of a widely lauded new public hut opened in recent weeks at Lake Tahune, near Frenchmans Cap?the beautifully designed hut is seen by some hardcore bushwalkers as too slick for a wilderness ?experience, featuring as it does electric lighting and heating, ?fuelled by a micro hydroelectric system.?End of quote.

A veteran bushwalker myself, I?ve often laughed at the ?flashpacker? brigade: but I also recognise that not everyone is able or wants to hike for days on end with a heavy pack, eating dried food. It?s not as if developers are bulldozing highways and putting up Maccas in the wilderness. Developments like the one at Frenchmans Cap have been built to minimise environmental impact. If someone can afford it, well good for them.

That?s not to say that all the Greens? concerns are totally without merit. Quote:

luxury huts or helipads are proposed for the South West and Walls of Jerusalem national parks. End of quote.

Luxury huts at somewhere like the Walls seem like a reasonable idea providing they?re done right. After all, even the construction of tent platforms in places like Herod?s Gate has been an environmental plus. But the helipad proposal seems a bad one: just look at the Twelve Apostles in Victoria, where helicopter sightseeing flights ruin the experience with their constant, irritating buzz.

But driven by their puritanical ideology, the Greens?are opposed to any and all tourism development. Quote:

While dismissing some of the backlash as deep-green ideology, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania chief Luke Martin ?acknowledged [that]?a new long-term industry plan post-2021 was needed, as well as ?courage? to limit cruise ship visits and mooted Asian charter flights, and to charge visitors more than locals to enter nat?ional parks.

?There are pressure points all across the state and there are ?opportunities for investment,? he said. ?The intent and will is there to manage it?? End of quote.

Tasmania?s tourism industry might benefit from studying the experience of New Zealand, for instance. But the last thing they need is to be browbeaten by Green negativity and Baby Boomer Nimbys. Quote:

In Binalong Bay, on the east coast, local ratepayer and environment groups are fighting plans to scupper a former navy ship, HMAS Darwin, in the pristine waters of Skeleton Bay.

?We don?t support this kind of fake, theme-park-type tourism approach,? said Todd Dudley, president of the North East Bio?regional Network. End of quote.

The East Coast of Tasmania is one of the greyest areas of Australia. Cashed-up Baby Boomers from the Mainland have flocked to (formerly) cheap seaside towns on the East Coast, with its relatively mild climate for Tasmania. Now they want to shut the gates.

Tasmania has struggled for decades with economic malaise. Groucho Marx once sang, ?Whatever it is, I?m against it?. The motto of the Greens is, ?Whatever makes money, we?re against it?. Whenever something looks like being an economic benefit for this state, the Greens are ready to stop it.