Of course she is hopeful, last thing she needs is more strikes

Jacinda Ardern is desperately hoping the nurses will cave in and stop talking strikes. NewstalkZb reports: Quote:

Jacinda Ardern hopes the latest offer from the District Health Boards in the nurses pay dispute will be enough to avoid strike action next month. The Prime Minister says it is certainly a step up from what was being offered. “It is a doubling of what the DHB last offered – it addresses some of the concerns that nurses raised around staffing issues with a pledge to bring on an additional 500 nurses on into our nursing workforce.” She hopes will be enough to avoid next month’s strike action. It also includes two new pay bands to address the fact there are currently only six for the nursing workforce. End quote.? ?

While I was away shooting, this topic came up for discussion.? It appears that nurses have become about as entitled as Auckland port workers who belong to the Maritime Union.

Some quick sums were done and it was discovered that a nurse with 5 years experience would be getting around $92,000 per annum if the Nurses’ Union’s claims are met.

Now I am not begrudging anyone a decent salary, but the cries of abject poverty appear to be rather hollow. Surely a better solution would be to improve working conditions and hours, and restore some work/life balance. Because more money doesn’t fix that.

Labour is staring down the barrel of large state sector wage demands, no cash in the kitty because they prefer killing cows and funding rich kids at university, and a reputation for always presiding over a union dominated and strike infested economy.

That is why Jacinda Ardern is desperately trying to avoid a nurses’ strike.