Oh boo hoo, suck it up cupcake and stop blaming blokes

An SJW after spotting sexism in the distance.

A Newspaper writes: Quote:

QuoteSurvivor’s latest victim says living in a Thailand jungle was “10 times worse” than she expected, calling one night “unbelievably terrible”.

Wildcard entrant Franky March was eliminated during last night’s episode of Survivor NZ after her tribe, Chani, lost another immunity challenge[…]

She told the Herald she developed a misconception [since last October] that the show was going to be easy.

“I half thought, ‘They probably have a semi-shelter set up, and they probably have soap, and? maybe a Portaloo even?’ But no, there was none of that,” says March.End of quote.

In other words, she hadn’t watched one episode. Quote:

Quote“Everyone kept saying, ‘It’s actually not going to be as bad as you think.’ So I started thinking maybe it wouldn’t be. But it was honestly 10 times worse.

“Survivor was definitely no joke. Especially when it came to that night with the monsoon, it was unbelievably terrible, and at that point, I was like, ‘this is probably the hardest moment in my whole entire life’.”End of quote.

Wah wah wah. Quote:

QuoteMarch says she feels “completely betrayed” by her elimination, and as the third woman to go, she believes there was underlying sexism in her tribe’s decision.

“Chani, and particular people in Chani, were really threatened by strong women obviously,” says March[…]

“We completely self-imploded when we voted off Jose,” she says. “What were they thinking? And the whole thing on the lake ? I was definitely one of the strongest swimmers, why would you vote me off? So I feel like there’s definitely an underlying reason behind that, and I think it’s because we’re strong women.

“I think there (are) just some chauvinistic attitudes still really prevalent, especially in Survivor, and it’s a shame that I was put in a tribe with a lot of them,” says March.End of quote.

Yep, blame sexism. You got voted off because number one you didn’t do your homework, number two you didn’t form the necessary relationships with other players, number three you didn’t have your ear on the ground, and number four you never bothered sneaking into the tribal council the idol that the dozy Asian chick found the clue for and shared with everyone.

But I digress. Back in my day if you wanted to blame something other than yourself and weren’t white you blamed “racism”. Racism was the “go to” card. Did the boss fire due to incompetence? Racism. Didn’t get the job because you weren’t the best candidate? Racism.

Now it’s “sexism”. Everywhere you look it’s “sexism”. Funnily enough, it’s never “incompetism”.

And who knows what the excuse next will be? Islamophobism? Transgender-ism? Actually, the last one is already starting to happen but anyway …

I bet the producers of NZ Survivor are glad that they got landed with Ms March, not.