Oral Questions – 10 May 2018

NZ parliament

Questions to Ministers

  1. PAUL GOLDSMITH?to the?Minister of Finance:?Why will he borrow more money and increase taxes and levies?
  2. JUDITH COLLINS?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?Is the?KiwiBuild: Buying off the Plans?document correct where it says ?there is insufficient funding for the Crown to deliver all 100,000 KiwiBuild dwellings by itself??
  3. VIRGINIA ANDERSEN?to the?Minister of Finance:?What capital investment needs has he been made aware of ahead of Budget 2018?

  4. MICHAEL WOODHOUSE?to the?Minister of Immigration:?Does he agree with the Prime Minister when she said this week that the Government?s current immigration policy is ?exactly the same one we campaigned on??
  5. NATHAN GUY?to the?Minister for Biosecurity:?Does he stand by all his statements and actions in relation to?Mycoplasma bovis?
  6. DARROCH BALL?to the?Minister of Defence:?What progress, if any, has been made regarding aircrew training capability for the Royal New Zealand Air Force?
  7. NIKKI KAYE?to the?Minister of Education:?Does he stand by his reported comments that he only found out in October last year that the $1.13 billion Christchurch Schools Rebuild programme was funded over successive years?
  8. LAWRENCE YULE?to the?Minister of Employment:?Does he stand by his statement in the House on Tuesday that ?we won?t be punishing everybody who mucks up??
  9. GREG O’CONNOR?to the?Minister for Social Development:?What data-related announcements has she recently made?
  10. CHRIS BISHOP?to the?Minister of Police:?Does he stand by his answer to Oral Question No. 10 yesterday, in relation to new police, that ?all 1,800 work on the front line??
  11. Dr NICK SMITH?to the?Associate Minister of State Services (Open Government):?Does she stand by her statement that this Government will be ?the most open, most transparent Government that New Zealand has ever had??
  12. Dr DUNCAN WEBB?to the?Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs:?What advice has he received since commissioning the targeted review of consumer credit regulation in December last year on the extent of consumer credit-related harm in New Zealand?