Oral questions: 23 May 2018

Questions to Ministers

  1. PAULA BENNETT?to the?Prime Minister:?Does she stand by all of her Government?s policies and actions?
  2. AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Does he stand by all his statements and actions?
  3. Dr DUNCAN WEBB?to the?Minister for Trade and Export Growth:?What announcements has the Government made regarding trade and export growth?
  4. JUDITH COLLINS?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?Are there income limits that prospective KiwiBuild buyers will need to meet; if so, what are they?
  5. JAMI-LEE ROSS?to the?Minister of Transport:?Is the price of fuel a factor that he will be taking into consideration when he makes future decisions on fuel taxes; if so, will he drop his proposals for increased fuel taxes if the price of fuel reaches $3 per litre?
  6. PAUL EAGLE?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?How will Budget 2018 start the rebuilding of public housing in New Zealand?
  7. NIKKI KAYE?to the?Minister of Education:?Does he stand by all his promises in education; if so, does he stand by his statement in February 2018 regarding ending school donations, ?As it is Budget sensitive I can?t comment further at this point??
  8. ANAHILA KANONGATA’A-SUISUIKI?to the?Minister for Social Development:?What changes can New Zealanders expect on 1 July as part of the Families Package?
  9. JONATHAN YOUNG?to the?Minister of Energy and Resources:?What is she doing to promote informed investment decisions about minerals exploration and production, as required by the Crown Minerals Act 1991?
  10. NUK KORAKO?to the?Minister for M?ori Development:?Does she agree with all of the decisions made regarding Vote M?ori Development in Budget 2018?
  11. MARK PATTERSON?to the?Minister for Veterans’ Affairs:?What progress, if any, has been made on the review of the operation of the Veterans? Support Act 2014?
  12. DAVID SEYMOUR?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?Has Housing New Zealand performed to his expectations in relation to the Banff Avenue housing development?