Oral Questions: 8 May 2018

NZ parliament

Questions to Ministers

  1. WILLOW-JEAN PRIME?to the?Minister of Finance:?What recent reports has he seen on the strength of the Government?s finances?
  2. Hon SIMON BRIDGES?to the?Prime Minister:?Does she stand by all her Government?s policies and actions?
  3. Hon AMY ADAMS?to the?Minister of Finance:?Can he confirm that the Half year Economic and Fiscal Update shows the Government borrowing an extra $10 billion of net core Crown debt?
  4. ANAHILA KANONGATA’A-SUISUIKI?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?What is the Government doing to reduce homelessness this winter?
  5. Hon JUDITH COLLINS?to the?Minister of Housing and Urban Development:?How many houses will be built under the KiwiBuild programme?
  6. Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH?to the?Minister for Economic Development:?Does he regard it as good practice to carry out economic analysis of the likely effects of proposed major policy decisions?
  7. Dr LIZ CRAIG?to the?Minister of Health:?What recent announcements has he made regarding Dunedin Hospital?
  8. CHRIS BISHOP?to the?Minister of Police:?Does he stand by his statement last November that his Government will be hiring 1,800 sworn police officers; if so, why did he tell?The Nation?this weekend that not all 1,800 officers will be sworn police officers?
  9. Hon PAULA BENNETT?to the?Minister of Employment:?How many unemployed people are there in the Bay of Plenty and Hawke?s Bay?
  10. DARROCH BALL?to the?Minister of Veterans’ Affairs:?What progress, if any, has been made regarding the Government?s decision to repatriate the remains of New Zealand military personnel and dependants who were buried overseas after 1 January 1955?
  11. Hon Dr NICK SMITH?to the?Minister of Justice:?Does he stand by his reported statement on submissions on the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill that he was surprised by how many were flawed and ?I am stunned at the number of times professors, legal experts, constitutional experts have actually got their analysis about the bill wrong??
  12. JONATHAN YOUNG?to the?Minister of Energy and Resources:?When was the last significant hydrocarbon discovery in New Zealand?